Reliable Eyewear Manufacturing

Shenzhen Moni is a world-class sunglasses and ophthalmic eyewear manufacturer with more than 15 years of OEM and ODM experience that has gained us a reputation as a trusted first quality eyewear producer.

Flexible Production Capacity

Production capacity that accompanies your growth. All of our 100 team members focus on manufacturing.

One Stop Solution

Our one-stop solution can help you to bring your dreams into reality. combine with our experienced operation team.

Low 100 Piece MOQ

Whether your an established brand or just getting started in the world of eyewear sales.

Shenzhen Moni Technology Limited Company

We specialize in creating high-quality eyewear for brands worldwide. Our advanced production technologies have been developed to yield higher-quality products that stand the test of time.

State of the art equipment, strict quality control, and a highly experienced staff ensure the highest level of quality.

Design Team

Work directly with an experienced member of our design team to develop or erfect your brands collection. Connect on Whatsapp or Wechat for real-time design work.

Labor Team

Our labor techs are some of the most experienced in the industry and our consistent first quality productions build the trust your business relies upon.

QC Team

Our QC team practices strict inspections of all products yielding the same quality in production as the production samples.

Advanced Machinery + Traditional Craftsmanship – First Quality Handmade Eyewear

At Shenzhen Moni we have always advocated the perfect combination of traditional manual craftsmanship and modern technology to established our own manufacturing methods.
We have 6 relative production lines, a product performance department equipped with advanced inspection systems and high tech production equipment.

There are roughly 130 strict processes involved to take a frame from raw material to finished product, few companies have developed their processing the level we maintain on a daily basis.

Production That Empowers Your Brands Growth

Complete production process and in-house lab enables us to provide customers a high-level of eyewear quality.

Hand Made To Strict Standards

From start to finish One City practices strict adherence to the processes that yield the highest quality possible.

Titanium Is Just One Of Our Specialties

We specialize in pure and beta titanium and we’re creating some amazing thick block products that rival the quality of Japanese made products.

Why Shenzhen Moni?

Our advanced manufacturing include both OEM and ODM capabilities based on your preference.
Shenzhen Moni Technology has over 15 years of experience in working closely with clients to deliver high-quality sunglasses and optical frames manufacturing services, as well as exceptional customer services and precision logistics. All of the products we deliver are 100% exclusive that increase value of your brand. All the sunglasses are CE certified and FDA approved which allowing for global distribution.
Our in-house laboratory enables the regulated manufacturing process with the highest level of quality. We believe excellence is achieved by strict quality control and testing. Discover why we have gained a reputation for being a premier OEM and ODM eyewear manufacturer by contacting us.

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Real-Time Information

We understand how important it is to keep on schedule and to be able to show clients what stage their production is in so we use Wechat or Whatsapp to stay in “Real Time” communication.

We often open groups on these platforms that have all important staff members that play a part of designing through shipping and billing of orders.
This way you work directly with the person responsible for any given task and that equals efficiency and transparency.

From Design

It all starts with an initial rough draft that then gets refiend to a final spec sheet for your approval.
Once it’s approved by the client it then goes to 1 of many types of machining processes depending upon material and construction.

To CNC Processing

There are many types of CNC processing. Routing acetate, block titanium, wood, carbon fiber, alminum, and more.
Laser cutters, mire cutters, hydro cutters, wire rim bending machinery, and more processes also use CNC machining via CAD/CAN

To Final Polish

Once at final polishing, we’ve given frames dozens of processes after the CNC machining and some even before such as curing acetate or prepping materials prior CNC processing. Tumbling (5 days), fining by hand, cutting hinge recesses, making molds used for specific processes like shooting the core into acetate temples, but mitering, riveting hinges, mounting logo plates/plaques, there are a lot of steps and all must be done with precision or the part does not make the grade.

To QC Then Packaging

Once any given frame reaches QC the final tests and inspections begin. We have a very low percentage of rejections because our techs adhere to the proven methods that only experience brings.
Once frames pass QC they are ready to route, we only us reliable shipping companies, mainly UPS however many clients opt to use their own shipping accounts.