Why Should You Choose Titanium Eyewear Over Other Materials?

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Why Should You Choose Titanium Eyewear Over Other Materials?

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Material is equally as crucial as frame and lens features when selecting new eyewear. There is a wide variety of frame materials, and each one has its own aesthetic effect. Plastic, metal, and hybrids are the three most frequent types.

Titanium frames are fantastic if you want something that won’t break the bank but will last a long time. Titanium frames are more malleable than those made of other metals or plastics and are less likely to deform with time. They won’t rust or irritate sensitive skin, either. Keep reading to find out some of titanium’s various uses and advantages.

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Titanium Eyewear Styles

Titanium alloy, often known as memory titanium or bendable titanium, is a combination of around 75% pure titanium and 25% additional metals. While pure titanium frames are lighter and more common, titanium alloy frames are becoming increasingly popular because of their excellent quality and pleasant feel.

Memory titanium is an excellent material for eyewear because it can be bent and then returns to its original shape, making it ideal for those who value a lightweight but secure fit. Titanium glasses, in fact, are so malleable that they can be bent without breaking and spring back to their original form with little effort.

Minimalist and Modular:

Titanium’s high strength-to-weight ratio allows for extremely lightweight frames to be created. When compared to conventional steel frames, titanium ones are typically 40 percent lighter. Those who have discomfort from the weight of other frames on their nose and ears may like these glasses.

Titanium frames are preferred by many because of their greater pliability compared to plastic and other metals. Titanium eyewear can be bent without breaking and back into shape without noticeable distortion. Some of the strongest frames on the planet are made from titanium alloy metals.

Titanium frames have many advantages beyond their resilience and adaptability.

  • Those with sensitive skin can use them because they are hypoallergenic.
  • Unlike stainless steel frames, they can be customized in terms of color, texture, and pattern.
  • Titanium is a fantastic alternative for those with nickel allergies because it contains no nickel.