We use top Euro Branded materials and the domestics that have proven themselves as quality suppliers.
Materials mean a lot when producing a first class product and we do not settle for less than the industries best.

eyewear manufacturers

Framing Materials


We have accounts with all major acetate producers including Mazzucchelli, LA-ES, Takiron Rowland of Japan, Jimei, Jinyu, and many more. The premium brands do require additional costs as they cost more than but are always worth the additional fees.

Extrusion, wet block, dry block, high density, high definition prints, bio acetates and more, we work with it all.

Nylon Sheet Eyewear

Originally nylon was an injection only material until manufacturers got the idea to pre inject plates then process in a similar manner to acetate by cnc routing.
Nylon sheet eyewear has come a long way and now many producers are laminating print layers that display beautiful colors and that is what we focus upon at Moni.
The prints can be anything you can imagine and this makes this material a lot of fun.
It is very popular in magnetic clip on designs and the fact that its thin and lightweight makes it great for magnetic clip on designs.
Flexible, hypoallergenic, and thin, its a great material selection for any brand.

eyewear manufacturers
eyewear manufacturers

Carbon Fiber

The best comes from Japan and Taiwan, we use the leading suppliers from these 2 countries. Carbon fiber is a great material to use as a base for laminating wood veneers and cork veneers.

See examples in our store product pages.


Raw material originates in Japan and our choice of rim wire producers is Rimseiko of Japan.

Titanium is hypoallergenic, very durable, very lightweight and a great choice for eyewear in general.

eyewear manufacturers
eyewear manufacturers

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has been used in making eyewear for over 100 years and the old tiny oval styles you see used at times are made from steel.

It can be gotten very thin, has high tensile strength, and options are many. Steel is an easy material to repair with welding if ever needed.

Standard Metals

Monel, nickel silver, copper nickel, and others have also been used for decades. They plate well, repair easy and are commonly used in making eyewear.

A con to these metals is corrosion and reactions to sensitive skin unless plated with real gold or rhodium.

eyewear manufacturers in china
eyewear manufacturers in china


We only use ethically sourced woods that are not in limited supply. Wood is a great solid material that enables finishes such as stone, leather, paua shell, and more.

It is a sustainable and eco friendly material because it requires minimal processing or chemicals to create with.

Mold Injection Plastics

We like to push the marine waste plastics here, its a great material for injection eyewear and something that does help the planet.

Another excellent injection plastic is nylon and nylon has been used in making eyewear since the 60s.

PC is a material made popular by companies such as Oakley, its cost effective and widely used for sports and cost effective sunwear.

TR90, Ultem, and proprionate are also great materials to inject.

Injection eyewear does have higher moqs typically starting at 500 depending on the material.

eyewear manufacturers in china


We don’t use inferior hardware and believe that the quality of the frame depends largely upon the quality of the hardware.

Spring designs are where it really matters and what is on most mass produced Chinese eyewear is designed and made to last 1 year, this type of product is something we do not bother to work with.

We have accounts with the leading Euro brands like OBE, Visottica/Comotec, Redtenbacher, etc, and the Chinese producers that produce for the leading Euro brands.

Custom Hardware

This adds a very special touch to any brands products and we specialize in the design and production of specialized parts.

Although molds for these parts are made by mold producers we specialize in designing those special configurations that are needed for uniquely designed eyewear at times.

MOQ’s are required for specialized parts as is a mold fee and 3 weeks to create the mold.