Leading Acetate Eyewear Manufacturer

Acetate optical quality eyewear and sunglasses are one of our specializations at Shenzhen Moni and we’re an excellent option for starting or advancing an acetate sunglasses collection.

We assist you in every step of each process whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your first collection of eyewear.

With the use of customary and contemporary design programs (AutoCad, RhinoCad, UG/NX, etc) we can assist you in developing and implementing your ideas as well as assist with new ideas and concepts.

European Quality Control Standards

Quality control means everything when delivering a production order free of defective and unusable pieces.

Shenzhen Moni is one of the few Chinese eyewear manufacturers that stand behind the products it produces and delivers.

Our QC team works meticulously to inspect each item to ensure it meets European standards.

As a leading acetate eyewear manufacturer, we do not just create the product; we also assist you in making technical, material, and design choices and thoroughly review the design and construction to yield the most effective production methods for each new concept project.

Many of our clients develop the “next new concept and product” new in the markets and we are professionals on the R&D side of making sure their unique design ideas are made in the best way possible.

Benefits of Our Acetate Eyewear

We are an experienced acetate eyewear manufacturer that also provides specialized designs and products to meet client needs.

  • Our carbon fiber eyewear passes each and every test required by the US and the EU.
  • Modern design options are popular in today’s markets.
  • FDA & CE compliant sun and demo
  • Advanced material selection and preparation