High Tech Carbon Fiber Eyewear Manufacturer in China

Experience helps greatly in the design and production of carbon fiber eyewear manufacturers. We’ve developed some of the most user-friendly designs in the industry that offer many options. Such as rim locks with screws to allow for easy lens mounting, metal integration at the temple tips for easy adjustments, and more. We have endless finishing options that make color fun with carbon fiber. Such as wood and cork veneers, acetate rim inserts, lacquer color finishes, and more.

We specialize in designing and constructing for any face and nose type as there are many. A proper fit is one of the most important aspects of wearing eyewear. Our R&D team has developed some very special designs utilizing this great high-tech material, contact us to learn more about what can be done with this amazing and versatile material. As a carbon fiber eyewear manufacturer, Moni is a leader in this high-tech materials design and production.

We Have The Tech & Team

With our help, your products incorporating advanced composites and carbon fiber can lead to cutting-edge technology, design, and sales. We are a leading carbon fiber eyewear manufacturer, carbon fiber eyewear and carbon fiber sunglasses are growing in popularity among luxury titanium eyewear brands. Carbon fiber eyewear can be made extraordinarily thin, is incredibly light, and corrosion-resistant, and is now available in many finishes. See what Moni can do for your carbon fiber eyewear collection.


What are carbon fiber eyewear frames made of?
Carbon fiber eyewear frames are crafted from a composite material known as carbon fiber, renowned for its lightweight and durable qualities.
Are carbon fiber eyeglasses heavier than traditional frames?
No, carbon fiber eyeglasses are exceptionally lightweight, making them much lighter than traditional frames.
Do carbon fiber eyewear frames break easily?
No, carbon fiber frames are known for their high strength, making them resistant to breakage under normal usage.