Top Optical Frames Manufacturers in China

Shenzhen Moni is an outstanding sunglasses and optical frames manufacturers with over 15 years of OEM and ODM expertise, which has earned us a reputation as a reliable first-quality eyewear maker. We specialize in producing high-quality eyewear for brands all around the world. Our innovative manufacturing processes have been designed to provide higher-quality, long-lasting goods.

The Best Optical Frame Manufacturers

Glasses, also known as eyeglasses or spectacles from top optical frames manufacturers, help people see better. They have special lenses that fix problems with how we see things.

Some people can’t see things that are far away very well, and their glasses use lenses that make faraway things look clear. Others can’t see things up close, so their glasses have lenses that make close-up things clear. According to optical frames manufacturers in China Some people’s eyes are shaped funny, so their glasses have special lenses that fix the shapes and make things look right.

The glasses from the best optical frames manufacturers and sunglasses manufacturers also have a frame that holds the lenses in front of the eyes. This frame can be made from different materials like plastic or metal. Optical Frame manufacturers make frames to feel comfortable and keep the lenses in the right place.

In short, eyewear works by using special lenses to fix how we see, and the frame holds those lenses in front of our eyes.


What are the names of the optical frames?
Aviators, cat-eye glasses, John Lennon-esque round ones.
What is the life of optical frames?
Typically, glasses should last between one and three years.
What are the two frame types?
Rigid frame structure and braced frame structure