High Quality Sunglasses Manufacturers

Shenzhen Moni Technology has more than 15 years of expertise working directly with clients and offers high-quality manufacturing services for eyeglasses and sunglasses, as well as first-rate customer support and prompt shipping.

With FDA and CE certification we provide sunglasses to markets worldwide and designs unique to your brand increasing exclusivity and the value of your brand.

Flawlessly Crafting Your Sunglasses

We prosper among the sunglasses manufacturers because our products are flawlessly crafted at European quality standards, and reasonably priced.

As a sunglasses manufacturing facility, we are constantly updating our production technologies. We create new eyewear designs daily to meet the demands of our clients selling in the global markets.

Your position in the market affects your profit.  Every product including sunglasses, has a supply chain and where you are in the supply chain affects how profitable you are.

Our company will shorten your supply chain to boost your revenue.

As a leading sunglasses manufacturers and not a trading company, we reduce the supply chain to just three links.

Simply make the purchase and send your design or concept to us. You can count on our design team, production team, and QC team to deliver excellent results.

A Wide Range of Materials and Styles

We offer products and assistance to clients worldwide as one of China’s sunglasses manufacturers.

To satisfy consumer demand, we develop new designs of sunglasses frequently in a wide range of materials, constructions, and styles.

When choosing eyewear manufacturers in China it is crucial to find a manufacturer that produces consistent quality in every order and not just in the sampling process.

Many European brands currently rely on Shenzhen Moni for their production needs as we have proven our consistency and reliability over the years and that is the reason they still produce with Moni.