China’s Highly Crafted Wood Eyewear Manufacturers

Shenzhen Moni is one of the top wood eyewear manufacturers that expertly blends design and function with a green/sustainable appeal.  All of our wood items come from environmentally beneficial, sustainable sources and some clients supply their own recycled materials they opt to use in their unique productions.

Each set of wooden eyewear is professionally made and we can customize it to the fullest extent.  Our premium wooden eyewear has a low MOQ that can be as low as 50 pieces, and we complete all orders quickly.

We possess several years of experience in crafting exquisitely designed wooden eyewear based on market trends and our staff of skilled artisans infuses their craftsmanship and commitment to excellence into this class of natural material eyewear. 

We provide you with an advantage over your target audience in a variety of markets as our company is one of the most reputable wood eyewear manufacturers in China.

Some Advantages We Offer

  • When creating our wooden eyewear, we use a number of features that will help them stand out in your target markets.  
  • Because they are made of hypoallergenic natural materials that won’t bother the skin, our wooden sunglasses are comfortable to wear.
  • We use laminated technology to make our wooden eyewear strong and resistant to breakage.  3-ply skateboard recycled, 5-ply, 6-ply, etc, combined with quality spring hinges.
  • We finish with real stone, shell, cork, and other surface veneers that make unique products and show the beauty of nature.

As one of the leading wood eyewear manufacturers, we look forward to your inquiries about this great material to produce eyewear and Sunwear.