Production That Empowers Your Brands Growth

Complete production process and in-house lab enables us to provide customers a high-level of eyewear quality. ​

At Shenzhen Moni we have always advocated the perfect combination of traditional manual craftsmanship and modern technology to yield exceptional handmade eyewear.

We have 6 relative production lines and state of the art production equipment, and one of the most experienced teams in the industry..

Few companies have such a professional and complete manufacturing process.

At Shenzhen Moni all stages are perfected!

carbon fiber eyewear manufacturer

Hand Made To Strict Standards

From start to finish Shenzhen Moni practices strict adherence to the processes that yield the highest quality possible.

There are techniques we practice that have been developed through years of testing materials to learn how to reach the best outcome and acetates are an example of this.

Acetate must be cure to remove the moisture for optimum results however different types/brands require different curing times with some performing best after curing 10 days of cure time while others become brittle with a 10 day cure.

Typical curing duration for most acetates is 3-5 days however all acetates are not created equal and years of testing has been dedicated to this single procedure.

Shenzhen Moni acetate eyewear has less chance of warping or shrinkage in years to come which delivers a longer lasting more reliable product.

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